Aim High

from by The Landmarks



So what if I try-try-tried to tell you
all the time before I thought to show up all of it
I spent moving towards you from far away
I felt a tug
it pulled
but all that I did do was write down
what I'd attempt to say to you
riding in your gaze
In a haze
I felt the days as they passed me
phased by the way the time apart would grow
impassioned me to flow trailing as you'd go

If you'd listen for a moment
I couldn't quite convey what you really mean to me I just spit it out in a second when you said to me that it was the end

So what's the use with all these rhymes when my longing feels like a crime?

in a flurry as I hurried I felt it blur
the truth I fear now lies
beneath, unknown, profound, and now
its buried like lost treasure If you should decide to seek it out for proof if you should decide to see if I'm worth the use I drew a crudely depicted map from when we first began to split in our path

If you'd listen for a moment
now that I've taken a chance to breath
I couldn't cope when you said it was broke The very thing I was striving to mend

So selfishly I hid behind my fears
couldn't break my way through the barrier or climb
now I'm still struggling with my refracted truth,
I've compacted subtle ties into a mine of diamonds

It's made an impression in my view but what's the use I'm confused
a recluse seems somethingʼs loose
I tend to lose
You're my muse
that's the news I'm consumed
Our views they're skewed
I never told you so you thought I let you go


from Schisms EP, released December 11, 2014



all rights reserved


The Landmarks Seattle, Washington

Vocals - Laja
Guitar - Jack
Keys - EJ

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